Things You Need To Know Before Travel To Bali

As per government regulation “Surat Edaran (SE) number 15243 year 2020” Bali is open for domestic from August 1st 2020 with health and safety protocols.

If you have plan to go to Bali here are some things you need to do and complete :

  • Every tourist must be free of Covid-19 by showing a certificate of negative results of PCR based- Swab test from authorized agency. The validity of this results no later than 14 days after issued.
  • Before come to Bali, every tourits must fill their data in website ( ) Through this website you can submit your problems or input your opinion while you’re staying in Bali.
  • Every tourist must turn on the GPS system in their mobile phone.
  • Every tourist should apply the health protocol, such as using masks, maintain the social distance, using gloves and washing hand regularly

Bali is now open for you, we are ready to welcoming you again in new normal era. Go pack your bag and explore more.