Thank you for choosing us as your place to spend your holiday time. As the spread of Covid-19 virus recently we put your health and safety as our priority. Here are our recommendations that you can follow:  

1.Mandatory using mask in all hotels premises except during swimming 
2.Regular hand wash and using hand sanitizer 
3.Use a single-use tissue to blow your nose and wash your hands after you throw it away. 
4.Cough or sneeze into your elbow. 
5.Avoid direct contact with other people. 
6.Respect a social distance of 1.5 meters. 
7.Do not touch your face, nose and mouth 

Arrival at Hotel

● Hotel provides private transportation for your convenience at additional charges. If you are using public transport, wear a mask and respect the safety distance of minimum one meter and do not touch your face. 
● Wash your hands with water + antibacterial soap and sanitize your hands upon arrival at the hotel using hand sanitizer available at our lobby. 
● Any guest or visitor entering the hotel must follow a body temperature check. If found the body temperature above 37,3◦ Celsius, the guest will be asked to take a medical examination before completing the check-in. A medical certificate should be provided by the doctor and must be presented to the front desk upon coming back to complete the check-in process. 
● Necessary marks are designed at reception counter to make sure the safe distance between guests and employees. 
● The reception counter is being cleaned and disinfected after each transaction and between guests check-in and check-out. 
● A non-cash transaction or electronic money is required for all payments such as room payment, incidental deposit or any other transaction to minimize hand to hand transaction or contact. 
 ● Delivery person is not authorized to enter the hotel. Any package should be appointed at the lobby and wash your hands after touching any surface potentially infected or at risk.

At the Elevator 

The elevator is disinfected every 2 hours. All guests must follow the maximum capacity to keep the physical distancing.

In the Guest Room 

● After every check-out, special care is being taken to ensure the room is properly cleaned and sanitized. 
 ● For any requests, arrangement will be made to fulfill the requirement by maintaining an appropriate distance. 
 ● Our room attendances are wearing face mask, face shield and hand gloves. 
 ● They are using different colors of cloth to clean different services area. 
 ● The cleaning of a room is only performed while the guest is not present. 
 ● Room linen to be changed once in two days or ONLY on request. NO turn down service to facilitate minimal contact. 
 ● Our room attendants are educated on the most common signs and symptoms of Covid-19’s infection and trained on protocols to be followed if a guest develops symptoms.

At The Public Area 

● Hand sanitizers are provided at guest contact areas such as hotel lobby, restaurant, rooftop bar, massage center and gym. 
● Hotel’s public areas are regularly disinfected especially on the high touch points every 2 hours.

At The Restaurant 

● Restaurant can be accessed through the designated entrance 
● Staff will check your body temperature before let you entering the restaurant 
● Hand sanitizer is available and must be used before having meal 
● Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected before and after use 
● Seating capacity has been reduced to maintain social distancing norm. 
● No buffet allowed and replaces it into a la carte especially for breakfast. Advance order is much appreciated to avoid long queue service. 
● We follow contact-less delivery for room service to keep the physical contact and put the dirty plates in front of your door once finished meal.

At The Pool 

● Shower before swimming 
● Guest require to wear mask at pool area except swimming 
● Keep up with hand hygiene;  wash your hands often if possible and use hand sanitizer. 
● Maintain social distancing even in the pool 
● Discourage from sharing items that are difficult to clean or disinfect or that come in contact with the face (i.e. goggles and snorkels) including sun screen. 
● Pool towel will be provided in each room and it is not allowed to leave the used towels on the sundeck

At Gym 

 ● We will keep the area closed and locked until the opening hour 
● Guest have to report to reception and undergo body temperature check before using the facility 
● Max. 2 persons allowed in the gym at the same time 
● Keep perform social distancing 
● Must wash hands and use hand sanitizer before using the workout equipment 
● Clean the equipment before and after use it. 
● A next guest is scheduled at last a 30 minutes gap, given sufficient time to clean and sanitize the room and the workout equipment with recommended disinfectants.

At Business Center 

● Keep enough space, maintain at least 1.5 meter between one another 
● Maximum 2 guests are allowed at business center area 
● Disinfect table surface, computer keyboard and other touch points after the guest has moved. 

We Hope You Enjoy Your Holiday 
#staysafe #stayhealthy