Holiday Plan After The Pandemic

How are you? Nobody knows that we will face this Covid-19 and live the different daily routine. Going to school, working and meet new friends or relatives was very easy before. Slowly, due to Covid-19 lockdown keeping the distance away become important in society.

After spending a few months lockdown and doing #stayathome, a holiday become the most awaited things to do right? Welcoming the new normal era, Bali turns out to be the most favorite destination after quarantine mode on. Wanna know what you need to prepare before going to holiday?

1. Re-search!

Before going to Bali, make sure you find the latest and updated information about the current situation, you can always find the update by clicking this website 

2. Make the list of destination

It's all about data! Get the latest news of the places, is the places already open? Or still closed? It will save your time and you won’t be confused to decide where you should go. Don’t forget to dive into the details.

3. Budget revised, and research for hygienic of places you will stay!

As the corona virus spread in these few months, hygiene and cleaning become the most important thing that you've to ensure everywhere you are. Check and make sure that your place of stay put hygiene as their first concern. You can check the details by coming to their website, social media or better you have to contact the hotel's team directly. And remember, adjust it with your new budget plan. Don't forget that this is all can happened everytime, don't buy anything you don't need

4. Bring the hygiene set. 

As you now, mask either medical one or non medical mask at least you have to bring more than 3! Hand sanitizer, if you bring a toddler or even baby face shield is a must and of course obey the "social distancing" rules.

If you would like to know where you can find the hotel with hygiene as it's priority, Swiss-Belinn Legian is one of them. We provide the cleaning, hygiene and safety as our 10 commitments from Swiss-Belhotel International as you can check it more below.

During this #stayathome time, don't forget to keep your safety and health become your first priority