Pagerwesi Day

Pagerwesi day known as the day to protect our self from all negative elements. It reminds us to be wise and more aware to the function and power of good knowledge you have gained from Saraswati Day four days beforehand. During Pagerwesi day, The Hindu’s people held Tapa Brata (meditation) to Fresh and calming their minds by doing a ritual procession with pray in their houses or nearest temple.

Balinese Hindus celebrate Pagerwesi every six months (210 days) according to pawukon systems (Saka Calendar) which always falls on Wednesday, Buda Kliwon Sinta. Pagerwesi derived from words “Pager means Fence” and “Wesi means Iron”. So simply it means “Iron Fence” is a day when the Balinese strengthen their minds and souls against evil forces (the iron fence is a representation of strong self-preservation).

On this day, the people focus on personal strength building. They do this to make sure that evil will not enter their mind, speech and actions so they don’t harm their surroundings. The God who is worshiped on this day is “Sanghyang Paramesti Guru” (the main Guru or teacher of the universe).

In Bali, Pagerwesi is considered a really important holiday. It is celebrated in a similar way to Galungan Day and this includes the tall decorated bamboo poles or “penjors”. The Balinese Hindu will pray in their houses and visit temples to show gratitude to Sanghyang Paramesti Guru.

The upcoming Pagerwesi dates are:

 Ø  23 August 2017
 Ø 21 March 2018
 Ø  17 October 2018